ABOUT US Australian Equestrian boots

Australian Family operated small business making hand made riding boots 

Mous Boots is a family operated bootshop specializing in bespoke equestrian boots.

We had our beginning in 1974, when Dutch ( Frisian ) born brothers Bert and Jacob Mous set up a humble boot work shop on a grazing property in the Brisbane Valley region of south east Queensland Australia.

Their early products were Elastic Sided boots, with a riding heel and a Western Style boot which became popular with many stockmen and Rodeo Riders.

Some boots have become family heirlooms passed down from father to son.

In time dressage riders asked if we could make boots to suit their unique discipline.

Making a quality dressage boot requires much time and careful attention to detail.

Taking individual measurements 

of each customer, results in a unique pattern that is used to make their personal pair of dressage boots.

Using time proven methods such as hand lasting, blocking and hand sewing welts as well as using the best of materials ensures riders get the finest of boots.